I wish I couldn’t feel. I wish I didn’t love you. You have lied to me apparently all throughout our relationship. You’ve probably cheated on me more than once. Every time you get too drunk you get yourself caught up like an idiot. You’ve treated me like shit and all you can do to be better, is to be better. But I can’t get upset when the past gets brought up. Like it wasn’t that long ago. You’ve treated me like shit most of our relationship. My mom hates you… She talks shit to my friends and probably my family too. You’re always embarrassing me. I gave you everything… I hate myself. I want to die. This hurts too much….

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This is going to fucking suck. I’m so not excited to hangout with these people. They’re annoying. They just want to get fucked up. I’m so irritated. I miss Jessica. I miss Rhiannon. I miss having friends… I’m tired of being an adult. Everyone just turns into bigger assholes. I’m still depressed. I’m still the same though! What happened to everyone? Is life just endless moments of boredom. Am I just waiting for the silence to fade into nothingness? I hate everyone. I have no one. Your friends are full of shit. They are users and losers. Fake as fuck. Blah. I miss having fun. Gagshshhs this weekend is going to horrible and awkward. Great. I love being around people I don’t get along with. Tell me more about your money. Tell me more about work. Tell me more about your adult life. It’s all bullshit. I hate my life. Thanks for fucking over my gf, your cousin, when she needed you. Glad she got to be homeless. Assholes.

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If we were dating…


Finish it in my ask. Please.

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